Accomplishing our corporate mission requires effective leadership and a team effort.

Most management companies are organized into departments. This organizational framework can make it difficult for personnel to communicate effectively given the fact that they may not even sit on the same floor of a building. In addition, it may cause the Board to expend additional effort by having to make multiple phone calls to various people to get answers that they need to function effectively.

At Premier Community Management LLC, we work as a team. Each person on your community's assigned team is required to become intimately familiar with your property. The team functions as a whole and is in constant communication, which provides for consistent service to the Board and their owners. As a result, each person on our staff has a counterpart that can cover for them.

We believe that our staff is the most important part of the service we provide to you. Therefore, we encourage and participate in the continuing education of our team members. As a benefit to our employees, we fund the costs of attending continuing education classes and seminars. In addition, all of our managers are required to attain their CAI designations.


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