budget clipart Prepare an annual budget for consideration by the Board. The budget shall be based on prior operating expenditures, estimated future expenses and required capital replacement reserves. 
 assessments clip art Account for assessments and all other charges due from the owner.
piggy bank Maintain checking, savings and other bank accounts in the name of the association, such that the amounts therein will not be commingled with any other funds served by us.
past due notice Notify owners of any delinquency and take such reasonable action for the collection of the delinquent assessments as the Board may determine.
man holding a cashier's check Make all disbursements from assessments collected for normal recurring expenses as provided in the budget and other charges as approved by the Board. 
bill Perform tracking and billing of utility services, as necessary.
annual report Furnish monthly and year-end financial reports prepared on a modified accrual basis, which includes all income and expenses and will reflect the net cash position of the association.
hand on button Ensure proper internal controls are maintained for disbursements processing and financial statement preparation.
audit report Assist with the annual audit.
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