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As you have probably learned – “communication is the key to success” when it comes to association matters. One way to communicate with homeowners is through the internet. We will work with you to design a custom website for your association, assist you in obtaining your own web address, load your site on to the internet for you and maintain it on your behalf once it is up and running. This is your website, not ours.



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Another way to communicate with homeowners is through a periodic newsletter. Some associations have volunteers and/or a newsletter committee who are responsible for creating these communications. For those associations who want assistance, we can create your newsletter for you.  Top





One way to ensure harmony in your community is to promote socialization. We have learned that people are less likely to complain about others and work things out among themselves when they have been given the opportunity to get to know their neighbors. We highly recommend having a social committee for the community. However, we also know that it is sometimes difficult to get homeowners involved. We can help with the planning and coordination of community events.   Top





Our accounting and residential management systems are very flexible. They allow us to add custom fields to any application which allows us to track virtually anything (i.e. dog owner information, homeowner insurance information, etc.). The systems also allow us to create custom reports based on your requirements should we need to do so. This is quite different than most management companies that offer standard reports with no option to customize, due to the limitations of the software packages they are using.   Top


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If your Association has their own employees, we can provide payroll services for an additional fee or an increased per unit cost. We prepare and issue the Association's payroll checks, as well as prepare and file State and Federal employment tax returns. Prices vary depending on the number of employees the association has.   Top


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 On rare occasions, we may be asked to appear in a court proceeding related to delinquencies, bankruptcies and/or foreclosures. We are happy to do so for an hourly fee.  Top

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