owner meetings Organize and attend annual and special meetings of owners (including the preparation of notices, agendas and other necessary documents).
board meeting Organize and attend meetings of the Board of the Association (including the preparation of notices, agendas and other necessary documents).
report Prepare and submit a management report to the Board to ensure that they are thoroughly prepared for board meetings.
policies and procedures Guide and assist the Board and committees in the development of policies and procedures and in the performance of their obligations.
woman interviewing a man Assist in the selection of attorneys, accountants and other professionals.
file records Keep all records of the affairs of the Association and the Board of Directors (including the Declaration, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, policies, minutes of meetings, copies of contracts, etc.).
financial records  Maintain registers of owners, Officers and Directors and such other registers or schedules as required by the governing documents and/or the Board of Directors.
home auto life under a tent Maintain all insurance documents, prepare bidding specifications, solicit bids and handle claims for the multi-peril insurance, Director and Officers Liability insurance, General Liability insurance, Workers Compensation, etc.
woman on phone helping Assist in resolving individual owner requests as they pertain to the administration of the association, its common elements and governing “Rules and Regulations”.
mailbox Prepare, print, copy and mail all necessary Association correspondence.
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