How do I make an improvement to my property? Each association has their own procedures and forms for architectural requests. This information can be found on the "Documents & Forms" page of your association's website.
    In general, most of the processes include the following:
    1. Download and complete your association specific form(s).
    2. Include a plat of survey with the changes or additions drawn on it with your application.
    3. Provide a site plan showing the contemplated improvements and, if applicable, the written proposals from the vendor(s) or contractor(s) involved.
    4. Provide a Certificate of Insurance for the vendor(s) or contractor(s) that you are using (if applicable).
    5. Submit your form and required attachments using one of the following methods (listed in most efficient order):

All permits are the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor. The Board does not issue permits. The required permits must be obtained from the Village prior to the start of any work.  Most Boards will review the submitted forms as they are received. Some Boards only review applications at Board meetings. It is the goal of most Boards to reply within 30 days. Once your application has been considered, you will receive a formal response informing you if your request has been approved, declined or whether it requires additional information. Regardless, no work may begin before receipt of an official notice of approval. 

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