Property Transition Process

We have a very extensive property transition process that includes the completion of a detailed questionnaire by the Board. In addition, we conduct at least one working session with the Board to ensure a quick and quality turnover.

The month before our agreement begins, we spend many hours reviewing your existing files/documents, setting up your financials and owner accounts on our accounting system, developing your customized customer service and property information databases, and working with the Board to thoroughly understand your community. This task is very time consuming, but we have found it results in a seamless transition for Boards and homeowners.


Bid Specification Process

When an Association needs work performed on their property, they typically solicit bids from several vendors to determine which vendor will eventually perform the work.

We employ a standard process when preparing “Requests for Proposals (RFPs)”. We have access to a library of standard bid specifications that we use when preparing a “Request for Proposal (RFP)”. We can modify these specifications as the Board desires. It is crucial that we submit bid specifications to all of the vendors. This will ensure that all vendors who bid on a specific job for your association are bidding on the same specifications and will allow us to create an accurate comparison for use by the Board to assist in their decision making.

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