Accounting Software

We have made a significant investment in our Accounting and Property Management system which is the core of our financial management services. The software is a fully integrated financial and operations software with anytime web-based access that links every facet of association business, eliminating redundancies and speeding the flow of information between all parties. It is highly adaptable and allows us to create customized reports that meet the board’s needs.


 Customer Service Management 

Each community is set-up in our integrated property management software as a separate entity. We start with a standard set of data for tracking homeowner information and customer service requests which is integrated with each association’s website and accounting system. During the transition period, we will work with the Board to customize the data components of the software to ensure we are tracking the information your association needs.

Homeowner’s have real-time access 24x7 to the association’s website where they can access account information, work order history and status, violation history and status, the association calendar, all association documents and forms and much more.


Property Information

Along with the Customer Service module, each association has their own property information module. We have a standard format that we created to collect and track property information based on our existing associations. During the transition period, we will work with the Board to customize the property information to ensure we have all the relevant community particulars that we need to perform our management tasks efficiently. Our accounting system, customer service team and our community managers continually update the property information system to ensure we always provide and use accurate and thorough information when serving your community.

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