Most management companies are organized into departments – whereby the community manager is nowhere near the customer service and/or accounting department, or possibly even on different floors. Some management companies allow their property managers to work from home. Either one of these organizational frameworks can make it difficult for personnel to communicate effectively with each other and their board members.

At Premier Community Management LLC, we work as a team. All of our managers are required to work in our office and interact with other team members. Each member of your community's assigned team is required to become intimately familiar with your property. Furthermore, we have invested in collaboration software which allows for the ability of all team members to share knowledge and files, collaborate on documents and tasks, as well as stay abreast of project schedules. This ensures that all team members are updated regarding project actions and community information on a real time basis. The team functions as a whole and is in constant communication which provides for consistent service for the Board and their owners. This organizational framework allows any team member to assist the Board and their owners, as opposed to waiting for a specific person to do so.


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